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What is Worker's Compensation?

What is Workers' Comp?On a very basic level, workers' compensation is a system of laws that protects an employee if they are injured on the job. Depending on the injury, it may provide long term benefits, short term payments, lump sum awards, or vocational rehabilitation. In the case of a worker who died as a result of a work injury, it may also provide death benefits for the worker's family and dependents. Although people often assume that any injury that happens on the job is automatically eligible for workers' comp benefits, this is not always the case.

It Must Be an Accidental Injury

To be covered, the injury first must be from an accident that arises out of your employment. This means that what happened was accidental, not on purpose, and not planned. If it is determined that the injury was in fact accidental, then we need to determine if it arose out of your employment.

It Must Arise Out of Your Employment

This requires the accident to have happened because of some risk that was specifically connected to how you were supposed to perform your duties. If you worked in the warehouse and hurt your back lifting a box, that certainly sounds like a compensable injury. But, if you were throwing a football in the warehouse while waiting to fill a work order and you hurt your back, that's almost certainly not a workers' comp injury. It wouldn't matter that you were on the job during work hours, because the injury was not connected to how you were supposed to do your job.

It Must Happen in the Course of Your Employment

This requires that you were at work, during work hours, and performing work activities. Depending upon the circumstances, you may be covered on your way in or on your way out of work though. These days, many employees travel for work or telecommute from home, so there are many considerations when determining if the injury occurred during the course of work.

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