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$3 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Failure To Follow Up On Presence Of Ovarian Cyst

After experiencing unusual pain in her pelvis, our client consulted with her doctor who suggested that she undergo an ultrasound examination. During this diagnostic test, the radiologist saw a complex cyst and recommended to the woman’s doctor that follow-up scans should be undertaken in the next months to examine the cyst further. But the doctor never ordered another test or told this woman about her cyst. As a result, a cyst which could likely have been treated if caught early developed into what was essentially an incurable ovarian cancer that spread to her lymph nodes and organs. Chemotherapy and surgeries were required to try to stem the progress of this devastating cancer. Although originally a lawsuit was filed only on behalf of this courageous woman, another claim was later added to include her same-sex partner for “loss of consortium”. When an agreement with the medical providers in the amount of $3,000,000 dollars was eventually reached, this settlement represented one of the largest settlements ever for a same-sex civil union couple in Illinois.

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