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Failure to Treat Sores Leading to Leg Amputation - $1.5 Million Settlement

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a client who developed ulcers on her leg while recuperating in bed after a spinal surgery. Although ulcers and bed sores are not uncommon when a person is unable to move for long periods of time and medical personnel fail to take proper steps to shift the patient in bed, the medical malpractice in this case was also due to what happened after the occurrence of the ulcers. The lawsuit was brought against both the primary care doctor and the nursing home for their failure to treat the leg ulcers and intervene in a timely fashion. The lawsuit alleged that although the ulcers could likely have been treated properly if caught early, the failure led to a complete infection, gangrene and the subsequent loss of her leg. The case proceeded to trial in an effort to secure the maximum recovery on behalf of this brave woman, but just before closing arguments were given, the attorneys for the medical providers finally agreed to a proper settlement which the client agreed to accept in the amount of $1,500,000.00.

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