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$2.8 Million Personal Injury Settlement

Misdiagnosis Of Congestive Heart Failure Leading To Death

Complaining of chest tightness, shortness of breath and excessive coughing, our client consulted with a doctor who incorrectly diagnosed his condition as pneumonia despite the strong possibility that the man had already suffered or was about to suffer a heart attack. Upon later review of diagnostic tests including x-rays, it was determined that our client did not in fact have pneumonia, but instead had congestive heart failure. A lawsuit was filed contending that the doctor misdiagnosed his condition and failed to properly convey to the man the importance of being admitted to a hospital immediately for treatment for his very serious condition.

Then just two days later, our client was brought to the hospital with wheezing, sweating, and "crushing" chest pains. He died later that day. A lawsuit was filed. Although attempts were made to arrive at a fair settlement, the doctor's insurance company refused to offer a fair settlement for this man's death. So rather than accept anything less than complete justice, a trial was held and the doctor was found liable for the man's death. The jury then returned a verdict awarding $2,800,000 to the man's surviving family members. Although lawyers for the doctor appealed the verdict, the Illinois Appellate Court agreed that the jury was correct and upheld the verdict of $2,800,000.00.

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