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Auto Insurance Suspension Lawyers in Illinois

Driving Without Insurance

insurance suspension chicago law firmIn Illinois, the Secretary of State (also known as the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV) requires that every driver have in place a policy of insurance. For the most part, the Secretary of State trusts that everyone has such an insurance policy without checking. But if you are unable to produce proof of insurance after an accident or when pulled over by the police, that's where the problems will usually start as the officer may give you a ticket for Driving without Insurance. Although this ticket in Illinois is not presently punishable by jail, the consequences can be expensive and very serious.

First Offense in Chicago

If this is your first no-insurance offense ever, you may be eligible for a low fine without any suspension of your license, as long as you purchase some insurance before court. But if this is not your first offense, if you fail to purchase subsequent insurance, or if your attorney is not knowledgeable in this area, then the problems can grow larger. High fines and driver's license suspensions of 3 months or more may be the result. If this happens and you're caught driving during such a suspension, punishment may include jail of up to one year.

Get Help for Your License Suspension in Chicago

Of greatest concern to most drivers is the potential suspension of their driver's license. The loss of the privilege to drive affects virtually everyone whether they are trying to commute to work or looking for a job. A ticket for no insurance (also known as a 3-707 offense) may also require the purchase of a different type of insurance for up to 3 years afterwards called SR22 insurance. Failure to purchase this type of insurance may result in a suspension as well.

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