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Legal Help After a Fall on Icy or Snowy Sidewalks

Slip and Fall Accidents - Icy SidewalkWhile there is certainly a responsibility for property owners to exercise a "duty of care" for their properties, visitors also carry some level of responsibility in exercising caution when walking where icy conditions exist. In many cases, the facts in an icy sidewalk slip and fall will clearly show that the property owner has failed to take reasonable care to protect visitors from harm.

It is imperative that an injured person gets professional legal advice after a slip and fall due to icy conditions. Each municipality has specific regulations regarding the removal of snow and ice from walking surfaces, and each case must be carefully evaluated. Our Chicago premises liability attorneys are available to speak with you about your injury case immediately.

Damages in an Icy Sidewalk Slip and Fall

In a successful icy sidewalk slip and fall accident claim or lawsuit, the damages we seek for you may include:

  • Medical expenses incurred from the slip and fall accident
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages during your recovery period
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for the loss of quality of life
  • Other damages may be pursued, based upon the facts

If you slip and fall on an icy sidewalk or public parking lot that should have been maintained, and you file a lawsuit against the municipality, your filing deadline is much shorter than in a private sector suit – you may need to file within 30 days after the accident. The level of compensation may be impacted if the claim is filed against a city, country or state. Each case has unique circumstances, and laws, rules or regulations that will impact how the process will move forward.

Accidents on icy sidewalks are the result of conditions that change quickly. The icy conditions may be melted or the hazardous area cleared within hours. It is important to document, as best as you can, the conditions at the time of your fall. Photographs of the area can be important evidence in an icy sidewalk slip and fall case. Get the contact data of eyewitnesses if you are able. Your Chicago slip and fall accident lawyer can investigate any history of complaints or non-compliances previously lodged against the property owner or city as further supporting evidence.

Liability in an Icy Sidewalk Slip and Fall

As icy sidewalk slip and fall accident lawsuits depend heavily on establishing that the property owner or employee "should have known" (because a reasonable person in his or her place would have known), proving negligence requires substantiating reports and records, and an understanding of the ordinances and laws of Chicago or other city that relate to premises risk abatement. Your slip and fall lawyer must be skilled in negotiating the terms of a settlement, as well as presenting persuasive arguments in court, should the case progress to trial.

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