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About Us

Our Goal is to Protect You

Since 1990, Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC have been fighting for the rights of their clients throughout Illinois. Based in Chicago, Mitch and his team of affiliated personal injury lawyers focus on delivering superior services to every person they assist. The goal is always to get the best possible result, not just the quickest or the easiest. They are equally skilled in multiple areas of practice, including (but not limited to) the following:

With over 15,000 previous clients and a combined 75+ years of experience practicing law, the lawyers at Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC have the depth of experience to handle your case and pursue the maximum monetary compensation available.

Firm's Founder, Mitch Sexner

Our legal team is led by Mitch Sexner, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has been helping clients for over 25 years. A graduate of Northwestern University and the Chicago–Kent College of Law, Mitch has been a prosecutor and was named to “Who's Who in American Law.” But just as important as his individual qualifications, each of the many attorneys affiliated with his practice has built up a large base of knowledge, insights and strategies related to personal injury law from their years of practice. We know how to best serve you because we've taken on and won multiple previous cases. We know firsthand the difficult circumstances that can arise from an accident. We know the pain of time away from family and work while recovering and the hard work it takes to get well. In cases of wrongful death, we know the sadness of losing a loved one. Experiencing these circumstances firsthand has helped mold our attorneys into a compassionate group who considers your trust to be of the utmost importance. Your satisfaction with the resolution of your case matters greatly of course, but so does your level of comfort throughout the process.

No Fees Unless You Win

All workers' compensation, medical malpractice and personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis. This means that we don't get paid unless you are awarded money at the conclusion of your case. Because we work this way, you are guaranteed aggressive, professional representation throughout your case without having to pay money out of pocket to cover the costs. That money can be better spent upfront on your care and well-being. Meanwhile, your personal injury lawyer will work with closely you on your case, explaining all your options and answering all questions you may have while pursuing the maximum compensation allowed by law. Although we take on a lot of cases involving serious injury and even death, we don't consider any case “too small” for our help. If you think that you have a case, call for a free consultation, and our team will help you decide what is your best path to success.

Your Satisfaction Drives Us!

We're a group of highly experienced and respected professionals who are passionate about what we do, but that isn't the reason we go to work each day—you are. We want you to get the help you deserve and we want you to have aggressive yet empathetic representation while we help you fight for your rights. Each case we take on is treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion, and it shows not only in the monetary settlements we have secured for our clients but also in our clients' level of satisfaction with the professional treatment that they received. Personal injury law is uniquely difficult in some ways due to the intimate nature of the cases, the medical disclosures necessary and the emotional toll exacted on the individuals and their families. We are mindful of this throughout each case we take on, and we try to help you shoulder the burden as much as possible. Of course, no amount of money will replace what has been taken from you, but we hope that with our help, we can restore a degree of normalcy in your life.

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