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Speeding Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Chicago

Motorcycle Crashes and Speeding Drivers

Speeding Motorcycle AccidentNHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cites speeding as one of the most common contributing factors in traffic crashes. Motorcycle accidents are included in those speed-related factors. A crash is considered speeding related if an officer of the law indicated:

  • The driving was too fast for conditions
  • It exceeded the posted speed limit
  • Racing was a factor contributing to the crash

In 2012 alone, Illinois had a total of 956 traffic fatalities, 387 of which were related to a driver who was speeding. Motorcyclists can be seriously injured or die if sharing the road with a negligent driver who has chosen to operate a vehicle unsafely, putting others at extreme risk of harm. This is an act of negligence – the basis for a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

A study on speed and accident risk demonstrated a definite relationship: the higher the speed—the greater the risk of a deadly crash.

A speeding driver increases the risk of a collision due to the following:

  • Reduced ability to safely steer around curves or objects in the roadway
  • Increasing the distance necessary to stop the vehicle
  • Increasing the distance travelled during the reaction period

In a potentially dangerous situation, the driver of a speeding vehicle may not be able to react in time to avoid a crash. High speed reduces the chance to respond in a timely manner when it is most important—to avoid hitting a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Accidents are Violent

According to the NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcycle crash is typically a violent event. Ejection from the motorcycle, when hit, is common. If a motorcyclist is ejected from the bike, the rider is at risk of striking any object in their path before hitting the ground.

The motorcyclist, when hit, is likely to be thrown, and suffer impact injuries when his body hits the pavement or ground, and is prone to a secondary impact from other vehicles, or the vehicle that caused the accident, with devastating results.

A motorcyclist involved in an accident with a speeding driver is at high risk of suffering serious injuries or death. The impact of a speeding vehicle often leads to severe head, spinal cord, or limb injuries, or injuries so severe that the rider is left with permanent disabilities.

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