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2016 Scholarship

Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Winner!

Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC would like to congratulate our 2016 Scholarship winner, Katie C. We're glad to offer this scholarship to students like Katie who will help shape their community's future. Our firm values education and wants to help students in need, and with the 2016 Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC Scholarship, we've found another way to give back not just to our surrounding community, but to students across the country.

Thank you to all who applied. We may be awarding more scholarships to recent high school graduates or current college student who have demonstrated a meaningful commitment to their local community. Please check our blog and Facebook page for announcements and other scholarship opportunities.

Winning Entry

"No matter what obstacles come my way, I will never stop dreaming and achieving."

- Katie C, 2016 Scholarship Winner


Where do you find a global citizen who has mobilized civically engaged youth, been recognized by President Obama, traveled to 15 countries and spoken with President Bill Clinton?

In 2013, I founded, an empowerment program for middle schoolers. I inspire the next generation of students to be socially-conscious leaders through tuition-free educational workshops.

I would utilize the scholarship to better myself through purchasing a laptop to complete my school work and expand my organization. With a laptop, I would continue to achieve my academic goals and inspire others to do the same. I have reached over 40,000 students in an online higher education campaign. From Girl Scout troops to disadvantaged girls in India, the project has impacted four continents.

As a youth lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I hold leadership workshops for students on MIT’s campus. I have raised more than $60,000 in travel and grants. has taught me that no matter what obstacles come my way, I will never stop dreaming and achieving. I feel overjoyed when my students dream bigger and speak louder. A scholarship would allow me to instill a lifelong love for education into the hearts of kids.

Short Essay

There is no higher calling than giving back to others. Politics and peacemaking is integral to who I am because I strive to pave a path of peace for future generations. I plan to serve as a diplomat or United States Senator. Upon graduation from high school, I will pursue a Five-Year Submatriculation Program (Economics & Political Science Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees) at Columbia University in the City of New York. Columbia University will surround me with a fun-loving group of like-minded world changers. College will introduce me to an unmatched network of leaders with who I will stay in touch with for life.

"There is no higher calling than giving back to others."
- Katie C.

I plan on leaving my mark on the world through philanthropy and public service. I dream of one day working at the United Nations. I plan to take advantage of the Big Apple’s rich cultural opportunities. I will intern at the United Nations with a focus on international security. Columbia offers the perfect blend of a strong liberal arts college and a world class research university. The Political Science Department and Core Curriculum at Columbia will provide me the ideal academic foundation to work towards my goals. I strive to help people and make a difference in their lives.

I am currently making my dreams a reality. I am an intern with United States Senator Elizabeth Warren for the summer of 2016. I am conducting research for Senator Warren’s legislative staff and assisting in administrative operations. Moreover, I have completed journalism internships with Education First and Satellite News Service since 2012. In the summer of 2015, I worked as a reporter in Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum. I interviewed global leaders and published work online. Through this, I have developed excellent public relations and time management skills. I was named Massachusetts' Top High School Volunteer and honored by President Obama with the President's Volunteer Service Award for my work.

"My personal goal is to raise my voice for low-income college students."
- Katie C.

Through international exchanges, I have grown to look at the world from multiple perspectives. I have represented my organization on International Youth Day at the United Nations in New York and Switzerland. I have served as a youth ambassador in Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain and France. Through sharing my culture, I promote international understanding. The global friendships I established have far outlasted the days of my exchange. Still after two years, I speak with my host family often and always learn something new from them.

Attending Columbia University will further my career objectives because I will pursue political research. Columbia is an unparalleled educational epicenter for me to pursue political research while broadening my horizons in government. Utilizing the resources of the Butler Library, I hope to research campaign financing under Professor Robert Erikson. This will increase my understanding of party politics.

Finally, I strive to continue my journalistic pursuits at the Columbia Daily Spectator because I am enamored by journalism. This newspaper presents unmatched opportunities for me to develop as a reporter at Columbia and beyond. New York City is the place to cover news, sports and the arts. In combination with my journalistic endeavors, I will pursue my penchant for photography.

The Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC Scholarship will provide me with the perfect foundation to serve as a diplomat or U.S. Senator. Without scholarships or financial assistance, college will be out of reach. I am confident that my college education will serve as a catalyst for me to implement effective change. With authenticity, integrity and relentless perseverance in mind, I work tirelessly to achieve my goals.

- Katie C.

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