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Patient Death Prompts Hospital to Change Policies

By admin on May 19, 2017

University Hospital has changed the way it deals with patients in its psychiatric unit who are aggressive. This change in policy was prompted by the death of a patient in 2010 and the subsequent lawsuit that was filed.

In this case, while in the hospital’s care, a mental health patient died when the local police used a taser and then restrained him in their attempt to arrest him. The hospital has settled with the patient’s estate and also plans to change its policy as the result of this death. The hospital will now hire its own security force that will be trained specially to deal with these types of patients to avoid escalations that have the potential to result in tragedy. This situation might have been avoided if the police understood what they were dealing with and how to better manage the situation (and not exacerbate it). Read the rest »

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Electrical Injuries – On the Job and Elsewhere

By admin on May 8, 2017

Recently, two men, who were electrical workers on a construction site in Lubbock, Texas, were accidentally exposed to live electrical wires while drilling into the second floor of a parking garage. One of these unfortunate souls died less than a day after the accident due to the severity of his injuries while being treated in a Lubbock Hospital. The coworker survived, but with severe trauma due to smoke inhalation and burns over 30 percent of his body. Read the rest »

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My Child was injured on Playground Equipment, Who Is Liable?

By admin on December 27, 2016

Liability for an injury to a child on a playground depends a great deal on the specific circumstances of an accident. With that in mind, you should consult an experienced Chicago child injury lawyer to look at your case and advise you on how to move forward. In general, however, there are a few common parties that may be held liable for an injury on playground equipment depending on how, exactly, the injury occurred.

Negligence is the key to establishing liability in just about any civil law suit, and instances of child injury on playground equipment are no different. To demonstrate negligence, you typically need to show that a person or company acted in a way that is unreasonable or failed to act in a way that a reasonable person would have to prevent injury. That can be difficult, especially without a lawyer to represent you.

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How Prolonged Labor can Result in Infant Brain Damage

By admin on December 21, 2016

Prolonged labor refers to a childbirth session that goes longer than medical professionals expect. When this type of labor occurs, a number of situations can arise that create the potential for brain damage or birth injury for the newborn. It is vitally important that doctors recognize a prolonged labor as it is happening and respond accordingly. Failure to do so can cause infant brain damage when it might have been otherwise avoidable. If this has happened to you, call an experienced Chicago medical malpractice lawyer to talk about your case.

Brain damage to an infant during childbirth is typically caused by one of two things: lack of oxygen or damage to the head that affects the brain. Lack of oxygen, or asphyxia, can occur in a number of ways, all of which become a bigger concern if childbirth and labor go on for an extended period of time. For example, asphyxia can occur if the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the child’s neck or head. This can be avoided by experienced doctors during childbirth, but as labor becomes prolonged, there are more opportunities for something to be missed.

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Uber Drivers and Insurance: What You Should Know

By admin on December 8, 2016

Confused about insurance coverage and liability when it comes to Uber drivers and taxis? You are not alone. But the situation is actually quite a bit simpler than it might seem. Over the past few years, Uber and its competitors have taken steps to ensure passengers and drivers who use their service, as well as people who share the roads with them, are protected. In Chicago, owners of taxi and limousine services must meet certain insurance requirements, while Uber drivers do not need to do so. However, Uber drivers are covered by Uber’s Illinois insurance policy which provides up to $1,000,000 of coverage when a passenger is in the vehicle.

In June of 2016, the Chicago City Council passed new rules regarding requirements for drivers who use ridesharing platforms such as Uber to offer rides. The rules require that anyone who wants to drive for Uber or one of its competitors must have a chauffer’s license that can be obtained by completing an online course and renewed each year. They must also have a vehicle no more than six years old, or have the vehicle tested frequently, and display a sign informing passengers of how to report complaints if there are issues during the ride.

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Where the Sidewalk Ends and Premises Liability Begins

By admin on December 5, 2016

Injuries on a sidewalk can be quite serious, usually resulting from a slip or fall, and may cause lacerations, bruising, and broken bones. In Chicago, these types of accidents often happen due to poor weather or sidewalks that have sustained damage over time due to extreme winters and improper upkeep. Most sidewalks are maintained by the city, and the city may be liable for injuries on those sidewalks, though proving liability can be much more difficult than in many other cases. That is why an experienced personal injury lawyer is vital to proving a claim and winning damages.

While you should always have an experienced lawyer to represent you when making a civil claim for damages, in situations where the city is involved as a party in the suit, it is even more important to have a good attorney. That is because Chicago is immune to a great deal of litigation in order to protect the city and its employees from potentially frivolous lawsuits. With that in mind, there are still gaps in this immunity, and your suit may be able to proceed as long as certain criteria are met.

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Is Vacuum Extraction During Childbirth a Safe Option?

By admin on December 2, 2016

The safety of vacuum extraction depends a great deal upon how it is performed and the particular situation in which a Chicago-area doctor suggests using it as an option during childbirth. In general, the risks are quite similar to those faced in standard childbirth, though typically at a somewhat higher rate. There is also the possibility that the extraction can fail, at which point additional medical procedures such as a caesarian section may be necessary.

Any medical procedure includes inherent risks, although experienced medical professionals can reduce those risks by following proper steps and acting appropriately throughout the process. During a prolonged childbirth in which the baby does not seem to be moving over the course of several hours of pushing by the mother, additional steps may be necessary to assist with the birth. In general, any facility that uses vacuum extraction should also be properly equipped and prepared to perform a caesarian section birth.

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Keeping Children Safe at Amusement Parks in Chicago

By admin on October 6, 2016

While going on rides at an amusement park is statistically one of the safest forms of entertainment available, a recent surge in theme park accidents has many people concerned. During a single week in August 2016, three separate accidents occurred that resulted in serious injuries or death to five children. These types of accidents are not only a parent’s worst nightmare, but are often traumatic for the people who operate and work at amusement parks. It is the responsibility not only of parents to keep their children safe at a park, but also people who own and run the rides. Read the rest »

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Park Ridge Sued For Negligence In Pedestrian Injury Case

By admin on July 20, 2016

The plaintiff, Lorraine Patullo-Banks, was walking from the Park Ridge Train Station in February 2008. As she traveled on the sidewalk near the intersection of Touhy Ave and 3rd Street, she encountered an obstruction of snow and ice that had accumulated, resulting from the city snow plow that had cleared the street. The plaintiff chose to leave the sidewalk and enter the street, where she was struck by an oncoming vehicle. As a result, she endured residual physical problems, medical bills and lost wages. The auto insurance provider for the driver of the vehicle reached a settlement with Ms. Patullo-Banks. The plaintiff had filed a case against the City of Park Ridge contending that the accident was the result of their negligence. Read the rest »

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$4.9 Million Settlement Agreed To in Chicago Police Abuse Case

By admin on June 29, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of the family of a man who had been held in the custody of the Chicago Police Department, it apparently was worth $4.9 million dollars as well.

A settlement has been tentatively reached between the City of Chicago and the family of a man who was dragged from his cell while handcuffed and in police custody. The whole episode was caught on videotape. Read the rest »

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