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Chicago in Top 5 Cities for Postal Dog Attacks

By admin on August 20, 2017

While the idea of dogs barking at postal workers may seem cliché, it is, in fact, an indicator of a serious problem. Attacks by dogs against postal workers are unusually common. According to data from the U.S. Postal Service, Chicago ranked 5th in 2013 for dog attacks on mailmen, with a total of 47 for the year.

Illinois, in general, had the second-highest number of dog attack insurance claims in 2013, behind only California. In Chicago, the owner of a dog has strict liability for any dog attack against a person who is not illegally trespassing on the owner’s property, or who did not violently provoke the dog. Postal workers who are delivering mail appropriately are not trespassing and dog owners CAN be held liable for any unprovoked attacks against them. Read the rest »

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Death Rate Rises for Workers’ Comp Accidents Involving Older Workers

By admin on August 12, 2017

Because of the high cost of living (comfortably) through retirement, a greater number of older workers are still on the job. As these baby boomers continue to age, more and more of them are rejecting the traditional retirement age of 65; and it’s projected that by the year 2024, the labor market will be comprised of 25% older workers.

But it’s no fun getting old. People are just not as limber and bones tend to become more brittle over time. With age come vision and hearing changes which gradually worsen; reduced balance and response time; and chronic bone, muscle, and general medical problems. As such, the workplace is slowly becoming a more dangerous place, where serious injuries or fatal accidents are more likely and more prevalent. Some of the types of workplace accidents that have increased in recent years include transportation accidents, deaths related to falls, and impacts from equipment or objects, as well as fires and explosions. In one recent fatal accident, a 56-year-old Chicago man fell to his death while retrieving an item from a high location. Read the rest »

$53M Birth Injury Verdict Largest Ever in Chicago

By admin on August 8, 2017

In what is believed to be the largest jury verdict ever awarded in Cook County, Illinois, for a birth injury case, a Chicago jury awarded $53,000,000 to a 12-year-old Hickory Hills boy. The lawsuit alleged that the University of Chicago Medical Center committed medical malpractice when it failed to properly care for his pregnant mother, resulting in serious and permanent injury to the baby.

According to documents filed in the Cook County lawsuit, the attorneys for the family accused the University of Chicago of failing to properly monitor the mother and child, failing to properly follow a chain of command, failing to perform a Cesarean section (C-section) in a timely manner, failing to take accurate measurement of cord blood gases, and failing to take notice of fetal heart rate patterns that suggested that the baby was in distress and suffering from hypoxia. Read the rest »

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Over $160M in Medical Malpractice Claims Paid Out by Just Two Chicago Hospitals

By admin on August 5, 2017

One recent study found that over 250,000 people die every year in America from avoidable medical mistakes. But the vast majority of these deaths never find their way into court or into the hands of an experienced attorney who can advocate on behalf of the victim’s family. They are simply swept under the rug by doctors and hospital officials who tell the family of the deceased that their loved one was simply too old or too sick and that nothing more could have been done. Although patient groups and the U.S. government encourage hospitals to “own up” to medical mistakes, often times it is only when family members seek the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice attorney that the real facts are uncovered. Medical records must usually be subpoenaed to reveal the truth that doctors and hospitals prefer to keep secret. Read the rest »

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Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC 2017 Chicagoland Scholarship Winner Announced!

By admin on June 15, 2017

This year’s entries were some of the best yet! Students throughout the Chicagoland area sent us their essays, we carefully reviewed them, and we now have a winner. So without further ado, the winner of our 2017 Chicagoland Scholarship is…

Congratulations, Karolina! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and best of luck to you in the future. We hope our scholarship helps you further your education and we are very eager to see the amazing things you’re going to do in the years to come. Read the rest »

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Son Shows the True “Cost” of a Birth Defect

By admin on June 8, 2017

TV host Jimmy Kimmel’s son, William, was born on April 21st, 2017. But soon after birth, the baby boy started to turn blue. He was suffering from a rare birth defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with pulmonary atresia—and had to have open-heart surgery at the ripe age of three days old in order to save his life. This defect occurs in about five of every 10,000 births.

In this congenital heart defect, the passages from the heart to the lungs are blocked. Very little blood is able to get in and receive oxygen, and the normal cycle of blood flow throughout the body is interrupted. It’s actually a combination of four heart defects—a ventricular septal defect, pulmonary stenosis, right ventricular hypertrophy, and an overriding aorta. Put it all together, and what does it mean? Read the rest »

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2017 Chicagoland Scholarship Celebrates 7 Finalists

By admin on May 30, 2017

The Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC 2017 Chicagoland Scholarship was created to help Chicago-area students pay for the costs associated with secondary education. As attorneys with deep roots in the Chicago-Metropolitan community, we know the value of a post-high-school education and want to assist aspiring students. Read the rest »

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Cat Bite ER Treatment

By admin on May 24, 2017

There is a saying that no good deed goes unpunished. A woman in Michigan learned this the hard way when she agreed to watch her sister-in-law’s cat while the in-law was out of town. Our subject was told that the cat was a spayed female, but instead, the cat was a male that had not been fixed—and was therefore aggressive. While she was feeding the cat, a stray from the neighborhood wandered into the garage, which prompted a cat fight. Our heroine made the mistake of trying to intervene and she consequently was bitten several times on her hand, forearm, and thumb.

Thinking it was no big deal, she cleaned up the bite wounds and went about her business. Then the infection set in, and she went to the emergency room for treatment. Over the course of a month, she went to hospitals three times and had varying levels of treatment provided to her, including antibiotics almost one month after her first visit. Three surgeries later, she had an intense amount of pain and suffering. She initiated a lawsuit against the hospital and doctors in question on the theory that they failed to properly diagnose the extent of her infectious injury and failed to properly treat the injury, thus allowing the infection to spread, necessitating all of those surgeries. Her argument was that she would have had much less pain and suffering and would not have needed multiple surgeries if the doctors properly treated her infections in the first place. She therefore made a claim to be compensated for her pain and suffering. Read the rest »

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Unsanitary Hospital Conditions Result in Wrongful Deaths

By admin on May 23, 2017

Unfortunately, hospital patients sometimes die. Transplant recipients may die as a result of their underlying conditions while waiting for a suitable organ donation. On a daily basis, many other hospital patients die from serious illnesses, accidents, diseases, or surgical malpractice.

But it’s always shocking to hear that patients sometimes die from preventable hospital conditions. This is apparently what happened recently when patients died from mold infections while being treated at a hospital for other medical concerns. As a result, lawsuits were recently filed alleging wrongful death against several area hospitals. Read the rest »

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Patient Death Prompts Hospital to Change Policies

By admin on May 19, 2017

University Hospital has changed the way it deals with patients in its psychiatric unit who are aggressive. This change in policy was prompted by the death of a patient in 2010 and the subsequent lawsuit that was filed.

In this case, while in the hospital’s care, a mental health patient died when the local police used a taser and then restrained him in their attempt to arrest him. The hospital has settled with the patient’s estate and also plans to change its policy as the result of this death. The hospital will now hire its own security force that will be trained specially to deal with these types of patients to avoid escalations that have the potential to result in tragedy. This situation might have been avoided if the police understood what they were dealing with and how to better manage the situation (and not exacerbate it). Read the rest »

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