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Have you recently been arrested for possessing a controlled substance? Did this happen in or around the greater Chicago metropolitan area? The Chicago drug crime lawyers at Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC highly recommend that you don't waste another minute and contact our office now to schedule a free consultation.

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Whether this is your first offense or your most recent brush with the law, you're probably concerned about the possible implications of your arrest. Illinois is known for its tough stance on drug crime, and state prosecutors will do everything they can to prosecute your case. Drug arrests can land you in a state penitentiary with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in fines. But by exercising your rights and retaining strong legal counsel, you can likely avoid this outcome.

Your Right to Remain Silent in Illinois

When anyone is arrested, they want the trouble to go away as quickly as possible. What matters most for anyone in that situation is to get as far away from the police officer or the squad car as quickly as possible and to do whatever is necessary to avoid jail. And who can blame them? It is a frightening situation that almost always feels like the end of the world.

However, law enforcement officers and other authorities are trained to use this moment against you. They know you want out and know you will say nearly anything to make it happen. So, they might offer you an opportunity to provide your side of the story and prove your innocence. How did the drugs end up in your car? Whose drugs are these really? Were you using the drugs or just transporting them? Unfortunately, whatever the question or offer may be, it's designed to get you into more trouble - not less.

This is why you need to exercise your right to avoid self-incrimination and remain silent. The only request that you should make is to speak with your attorney. No matter what deal they offer or solution they present, keep quiet. Let us handle everything, so that you can increase your chances of being found not guilty.

Why Should I Contact Your Chicago Controlled Substance Lawyers?

For over two decades, Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC has represented people arrested for drug possession throughout the Chicago area. We know the region. We understand the legal system as it works from county to county. We're fully prepared to use whatever resources we have to secure your freedom.

Give us a call at (800) 996-4824 and let us show you exactly how we can help in a free and confidential consultation.


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