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Drug Offenses

In Illinois a controlled substance can be one of a great many different substances or drugs. Cannabis and alcohol are regulated by different criminal statutes and regulations however, so they are not covered under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. The category of controlled substance includes those drugs that people commonly associate with this law such as cocaine, heroin, crack, PCP, methamphetamine, hallucinogens, LSD, mushrooms, amphetamines, narcotics, opium, speed, ecstasy, GHB, etc., but also includes substances less commonly associated such as anabolic steroids, and many legally manufactured drugs such as codeine, ephedrine, dietary supplements, hydrocodone, and anti-depressants. Although these types of legally manufactured drugs are perfectly legal to possess and use when prescribed by a doctor, they become illegal when sold on the secondary market or obtained through other means.

Controlled Substances

In addition to actual drugs and substances that produce a "high" or other drug-like symptoms, you may be surprised to know that the controlled substances act also criminalizes the possession, manufacture and sale of counterfeit substances and look-alike drugs that produce no "high" but are intended to fool users and purchasers of drugs. Some of these fake drugs are even more dangerous than the actual drug as they are often manufactured with poisonous substances that can lead to death. This law also regulates doctors, nurses, hospitals and virtually every person that might ever come into contact with a "controlled substance" from the time that it's manufactured or grown until the final end-user that possesses the substance.

Chicago Drug Crime Attorneys Help Fighting Your Illinois Drug Charge

The Illinois statute that regulates controlled substances is one of the longest and most complex statutes in the state. Depending on the particular drug involved, punishments and sentences can range from those that do not involve any jail or permanent mark on your criminal record to those with long mandatory prison terms. It takes an experienced Chicago defense attorney to help guide someone charged under this Act as the final result may forever affect your life and future. The lawyers associated with Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC are all experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who know the best strategies to help their clients. Call today at (312) 644-0444 or (800) 996-4824 to learn why our attorneys are among the very best.

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