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Traffic Violations in ChicagoSome traffic violations are so minor that they hold no possibility of jail, no chance of suspending one's license and carry very small maximum fines. On the other hand, there are some violations that can forever change a client's life, holding high fines, loss of driving privileges and mandatory terms of imprisonment. Traffic violations in Illinois may be in the form of petty offenses, ordinance violations (which are generally non-jailable), misdemeanors (which are punishable by up to one year in jail), and felonies (which are punishable by a term of imprisonment in excess of one year).

What is Considered a Traffic Violation in Illinois?

Generally, a traffic violation is the result of a traffic stop, which means that the police officer has activated his lights and curbed the vehicle as result of a violation that was witnessed which was on a road or highway. Most traffic violations require that the offense was committed upon the roads of Illinois, although there are exceptions, such as DUI which only requires that the offense was committed in Illinois. So in the case of a DUI, you technically can be arrested even though you were in a private parking lot or even driving a motor vehicle on your front lawn! But some violations also result from an officer being called to the scene of an accident or are issued later as result of an offense such as eluding the police.

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Regardless of the type of violation, the Chicago defense attorneys of Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC will always start with an examination of your arrest and detention. That's because regardless of the offense, regardless of how strong the State's case may seem to be, and regardless of what evidence the State may have against you, if the probable cause leading to the arrest is lacking, then their entire case against you may be subject to a motion to quash and a dismissal. So call our law offices any time of day and ask to speak to an experienced attorney free of charge to see how we can be of help. Call at (800) 996-4824 or 1- (312) 644-0444 for a free no-obligation appointment today.

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