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Kidnapping, forcible detention and unlawful restraint are all crimes in Illinois that relate to restricting the movement or liberty of another person. It's always been a basic human right that people should be allowed to go where they choose (unless they're trespassing) and not to be constrained or confined against their will (unless they're lawfully being detained or under arrest). These laws were created in response to those rights.

What is Considered Kidnapping in Chicago?

It's a crime in Illinois anytime that someone confines another against their will, by force or threat of force carries someone from one location to another, deceives or entices someone to go from one place to another with the intent of confining them, confines a child under the age of 13 without consent of his/her parents, detains another without lawful authority, holds a person with the intention of asking another for ransom, or holds someone hostage with a dangerous weapon.

In addition to typical circumstances when one person is held hostage, the offenses of unlawful restraint, kidnapping and forcible detention tend to be most common in domestic relation situations. Whether involving a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, a person dealing with an "ex", or child custody litigation, emotions are often highly charged and people are often trying to make their point of view known to the other party. As a result, there are many circumstances when a person in the heat of argument does not want the other to leave. Unfortunately, regardless of the intentions, this conduct often fits the parameters for a person to be charged under one of these statutory sections and generally the defendant is charged as a felony.

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