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We all make mistakes. But it's also been said that we all deserve a "second chance" too. From this proposition, the concept of expungement was created and so in Illinois, our legislature created a law that allows for the "expungement and sealing" of records. Expungement is the more thorough procedure that is intended to remove the information from the defendant's criminal record (known as a rap sheet), destroy the original fingerprints, photographs and records at the arresting agency, and also affect the court's records. Sealing on the other hand, is intended to hide the records from all others except governmental agencies.

A Criminal Record in Chicago May Affect Your Future

Legal help with expungementsAlthough everyone may deserve a second chance, the law does not allow expungement for everyone. Certain types of crimes are not expungeable and certain types of sentences are not expungeable. Generally, except for a special type of drug or cannabis probation, it's not possible to expunge probation, conditional discharge or other sentences that result in a conviction. On the other hand, supervision and dismissals are generally expungeable. A felony case is generally not expungeable, although most misdemeanors and some traffic offenses are. In short, the rules and requirements are often complicated when it comes to determining who qualifies and who doesn't. The Chicago expungement attorneys of Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC have been helping people seek second chances since 1990 and can examine your situation free of charge to determine if you seem to qualify.

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Especially today, as jobs are harder to get, your criminal record becomes of greater and greater importance. When faced with two equally qualified applicants, an employer will often choose the applicant with the cleaner criminal history. If your crime was dismissed in court, it's not legal for an employer to deny you a job based upon a dismissed case. But owing to basic human nature, the mere mention of the crime on your rap sheet may diminish your job chances if the employer sees the entry. Therefore, many of our clients feel that it is in their best interests to expunge even dismissed cases from their records. Call us today at (312) 644-0444 or (800) 996-4824 to find the office closest to you and see how our experienced Chicago defense lawyers can help you protect your future.


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