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Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program Dazed & Confused

By admin on June 16, 2016

Illinois’ Medical Marijuana program became effective January 1, 2014, and, as of March 2016, there were about 5,000 patients who qualified for the program. These users, specifically those who are parents or students, may be in for a surprise when they learn that they are at risk for scrutiny from Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), limited in their implementation as well as at risk from potential employers simply for taking their legally prescribed medicine.

For parents, the act outlines that registered patients cannot knowingly use medical marijuana in close proximity to children. The problem is that the act does not define what close means. In cases where the cannabis is not smoked (i.e. as an edible), does this rule even apply? The parent is expected to use common sense, but without a definition it is up to interpretation. Ultimately the ambiguity can potentially lead to negative potential implications in a custody battle or other issue where the DCFS becomes involved. Read the rest »

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Arrested for DUI When Officer Smells Marijuana

By admin on February 14, 2016

Your mother probably told you not to drive in winter with the windows down or you might catch a cold. Of course, that was good advice. But, she probably never told you that if you drive with the windows down you might also catch an arrest. Read the rest »

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Illinois Marijuana Decriminalization Possible in 2016

By admin on December 7, 2015

On December 11, Kentucky Senator Perry Clark filed the “Cannabis Legalization Act.” The proposed law would legalize and regulate marijuana the same way the state does with alcohol. Over the past few years, we in Illinois have watched our neighboring states get a little bit more relaxed with their marijuana enforcement. Iowa passed a bill allowing medicinal use earlier this year. Missouri will probably vote on legalization next year. Nine of the 10 largest cities in Wisconsin have decriminalized. Grand Rapids, the second largest city in Michigan, decriminalized marijuana earlier this month. Read the rest »

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