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If You Feel Unsafe Around Cops, Call a Lawyer to Protect Yourself

By admin on September 25, 2017

Law enforcement officers are supposed to keep us safe and protect us, and for the most part they do that. Unfortunately, there are some police officers who fail to understand that they are supposed to act responsibly even when interacting with a “suspect.”

In June 2011, Flint Farmer was infamously shot and killed by a Chicago police officer during a traffic stop. The officer’s dashboard camera recorded him standing over Farmer and shooting him in the back. A total of 16 shots were fired, and seven hit Farmer, who was unarmed. Read the rest »

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Double DUIs: Better to Learn the First Time

By admin on September 25, 2017

A second DUI offense, especially if you are currently dealing with penalties from your first DUI, can be particularly difficult.

In these situations, Illinois courts are more likely to impose strict penalties since the defendant has shown he/she did not learn from the first offense. That’s why it’s vital to have tough legal representation to protect yourself. Read the rest »

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Friday Night Drinks: Be Careful Before Driving

By admin on September 25, 2017

For September 8th, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel agreed to lift the decades-long “prohibition” on Friday night games at Wrigley Field, allowing the Cubs to play the Brewers with the blessing of MLB.

Though the Brewers didn’t like this (they were counting on taking advantage of a day game), they did end up winning with a score of 2–1.

Never mind. There are four rematches coming up in the regular season. And while the ban remains officially in place, this one exception may open up the possibility of future Friday night games at Wrigley Field. Read the rest »

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Bartenders: Are They Liable for What Their Patrons Do?

By admin on September 25, 2017

A Palatine-area bar recently got into some legal “hot water.” In the mix were a former American Idol contestant, a bartender, and a nasty bar fight.

On July 8th, a confrontation between patrons and bar staff concerning a knocked-over table erupted into physical blows. The former American Idol contestant, who was asked to leave along with her group, ended up being charged with battery, and on the other side a bartender was arrested for the more serious charge of felony aggravated battery. His victim suffered a concussion, two black eyes, a broken nose, and a forehead cut. Read the rest »

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Dead Fish Results in 120 Days in Prison – Could Have Been Worse

By admin on August 22, 2017

Recently, a man in Connecticut was sentenced to 120 days in prison for “breach of peace” after getting into a fight with his girlfriend and destroying some of her property, including killing her pet fish. While this may seem like a fairly minor (though cruel) crime, it shows just how quickly domestic matters can escalate and lead to violence. Read the rest »

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No, You Can’t Use a Monopoly “Get Out of Jail Free” Card

By admin on August 19, 2017

While it may be fun to imagine, the rules of the board game Monopoly do NOT actually extend into the real world. That includes the use of Chance and Community Chest cards. But in particular, the “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

This card is just no substitute for having a knowledgeable, experienced, criminal defense attorney by your side during police questioning or court proceedings. If you are arrested and charged with any criminal offense in Chicago, the first thing you should do is call a defense lawyer to represent you. Read the rest »

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What Do I Do If My Pizza Comes with Extra Drugs?!

By admin on August 16, 2017

Usually, when you order a pizza, you just get dough, cheese, some pepperoni or whatever other toppings you wanted. And maybe some breadsticks. Every now and again, however, life can throw you a curve ball and you find yourself with something unexpected.

For example, if you ordered pizza from a certain Papa John’s in Washington State and asked for “extra olives,” then you would probably get a bag of cocaine with your order. If you ever find yourself accidentally in possession of an illegal substance, report it to Chicago police immediately and contact a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. Read the rest »

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Putting the Squeeze on Violent Crime as It Slips Through Police Fingers

By admin on August 13, 2017

Violent crime in Chicago is a serious epidemic that has been on the rise in recent years, leaving law enforcement scrambling to find new solutions. Turning to technology has opened up new options that provide better information and help police target certain locations in their fight on crime.

Unfortunately, this can end up just sending the violence and crime elsewhere, as criminals learn to avoid the targeted areas and move their operations to the next neighborhood. Community outreach and involvement seem to be the best answer: many hope law enforcement will come together with community leaders to forge stronger relationships and work together. Read the rest »

Can Your Medical Devices Testify Against You in Court?

By admin on August 9, 2017

According to a judge in Ohio: yes, they can.

A man was charged with aggravated arson and insurance fraud, but claimed that he made an effort to save some possessions and flee his burning home. A cardiologist reviewed the man’s pacemaker device and concluded that what he described doing was improbable. While the man’s defense attorney argued the data should be thrown out, the judge allowed it. This may not set a precedent for Chicago, but advancements in medical technology will make similar situations and questions of law more common. Read the rest »

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Warning! Drunk Driving in Barbie Dream Car May Lead to Dream Arrest

By admin on August 1, 2017

College students utilize any number of different transportation options when commuting from dormitory room to classroom. Some students use a car, a bicycle, a moped, or a motorcycle; and some have been known to travel by unicycle. But one particular Texas State University student has chosen to travel in a little pink Barbie Jeep. What brought her to this choice? A decision by her father to take away her car after a recent arrest for driving while intoxicated. Her father took away her full-sized Jeep after hearing about the arrest and instead gave her a bicycle, telling her that this was now her mode of transportation. Read the rest »

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